The Bleecker – The leather handbag loved by all bloggers around the globe

Who would of thought that a leather handbag without a zip or pockets could be so practical!? Our world famous leather handbag the Bleecker, made from genuine croc leather, is the bag to carry.

The Bleecker craze started out with the black Bleecker, seen on prominent fashion blogger Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us and featured in Vogue. Due to its popular demand and fame, we have now branched out to produce various exquisite colours of Beige, White, Deep Sea and Metallic – all colours sold out within days of stock arriving.

Sporting a timeless shape, the beautiful Bleecker has been handcrafted. It’s unique individual scale patterns showcase the brilliance of this bag. With a large rectangular design, twin handles at the top – the beloved leather handbag is a perfect versatile bag for all occasions and everyday use.

The beautiful ‘Bleecker’ is a popular piece of many and has been seen on the likes of many prominent fashion bloggers and celebrities around the globe. Twin Fashion in Europe, Rozalia Russian, Sydney Fashion Blogger, Rachael Finch, Nadia Coppolino, and Alex Davis just to name a few.

It is a staple piece in every fashionistas wardrobe. Mothers love it as baby bag and corporate women just love the accessibility. Look no further for the perfect leather handbag.

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Bleecker Black 1

Bleecker Beige

Bleecker Deep Sea

Bleecker Metallic (2)


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